Team Formation Overview

Our goal when forming teams is to place kids in an environment that they feel comfortable. Every effort is made to form teams so that games can be as competitive as possible.  It's important that kids can succeed, but are also challenged at the same time.  Below are the guidelines for forming teams.

  • Winter teams are coed.
  • Teams are formed based on grade, age and school.
  • Late registrants will be placed on teams with open roster spots. There is no guarantee that you will be placed with classmates from the same school.
  • We start forming teams after the early bird deadline.
Ideal Age Groupings

Ideally the ages will be grouped as described below. These groupings will only happen if the number of registrants allows it. If there are not enough athletes in any one age group, then some age groups may have to be combined.

  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd grade
  • 4th grade
  • 5th grade
  • 6th grade 
  • 7th & 8th grade
What age is considered Pre-K? 

Pre-K is for children that are at least 3-3 1/2 years old and meet the following requirements: 

  • Currently enrolled in an area pre-school program
  • Separates from parents easily
  • Follows directions
  • Toilet-trained